Personal Branding and Lead Generation on LinkedIn for the US Freight Broker

Valdis Logistics

About the company

Industry and services: Logistics ‒ Freight Brokerage

Location: The US

Objectives: Build a relevant business network and attract company awareness on LinkedIn, get qualified leads for further sales processing

Project status: Ongoing

What’s Done:

  • upgraded the profile
  • developed an ICP (ideal customer profile)
  • maintain LinkedIn content strategy
  • create content: texts and branded media
  • post on LinkedIn
  • collect contacts of potential clients according to the ICP
  • create personalised outreach messages
  • reach target contact out on the CEO’s behalf
  • deliver interested contacts for further negotiations
Vladyslav Kovalchuk Valdis Logistics
“Addlium provided me with a clear plan for content marketing and built an excellent lead generation process.”

Vladyslav Kovalchuk, CEO of Valdis Logistics

Valdis Logistics Reference

Results in 4 months – lead generation:

marketing qualified leads
times growth of Social Selling Index (from 24 to 52)
times growth of business network on LinkedIn (from 525 to 1105 contacts)
conversion rate of invites acceptance (2,8k+ contacts invited of which 563 added)

Results in 8 months – personal brand:

brand impressions
content interactions

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