Social Selling for the IT Outsource & Outstaff Consulting Company

Qualified Consulting

About the company

Industry and products: IT outsource and outstaff consulting

Location: Ukraine

Objectives: Enhance company’s sales pipeline with warm leads

What’s Done:

  • helped to clarify company’s Ideal Customer Profile
  • upgraded the LinkedIn profile of the company’s Co-Owner
  • optimized the company’s LinkedIn profile
  • provided full content marketing service for personal and company pages
  • collected the database of potential clients according to the ICP
  • tested hypotheses with different audiences
  • reached out to target contacts with personalised scripts on behalf of the client
  • delivered marketing qualified leads for further processing
Roman Borovets
“We’ve successfully conducted several leadgen campaigns for different target audiences and acquired qualified leads. There’s also a noticeable increase in our overall brand reach, which is observed in follower growth and page views, indicating a positive impact on our visibility within the industry.”

Roman Borovets, Co-owner of Qualified Consulting

Results in 3 months:

growth of SSI (from 28 to 55)
business network growth (from 756 to 882 connections)
increase in search appearances

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