LinkedIn Profile Upgrade and Lead Generation for the CEO of the Event Agency


About the company

Industry and products: Corporate events services

Location: Ukraine

Objectives: Upgrade personal and corporate branding and expand business network on LinkedIn

Project status: Completed

What’s Done:

  • applied improvements for the LinkedIn profiles (personal + business)
  • advised on social selling strategy
  • clarified the ICP
  • collected decision-makers’ contact details according to the ICP
  • expanded business network of the company’s CEO
  • reached out to target contacts with personalised welcome messages on the CEO’s behalf for further communication
Denys Sydora
“Addlium efficiently set up lead generation processes tailored to our specific goals, which directly contributed to attracting new clients and partners.”

Denys Sydora, CEO & Founder at RUSH

RUSH Reference ENG

Results in 1 month:

SSI growth (from 51 to 58)
conversion rate for adding to contacts (721 contacts invited of which 157 contacts added)
business network growth (from 240 to 466 target contacts)

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