Lead Generation for an International Marine Engineering Company


About the company

Industry and products: Maritime Engineering.

Location: Ukraine

Objectives: Find potential partners who need to outsource naval designing and engineering services

Project status: Ongoing

What’s Done:

  • helped to clarify company’s ICP for B2B market
  • provided their marketing team with professional advising on content management on LinkedIn
  • upgraded the LinkedIn profile of the Head of Sales and Marketing
  • collected the database of decision makers in target industries according to the ICP
  • reach out target contacts with personalised scripts on the behalf of the Head of Sales and Marketing
  • delivered marketing qualified leads for further processing
Tetiana Mykhasko C-Job Nikolaev
“I can definitely recommend them as a team with a systematic approach and understanding of the processes.”

Tetiana Mykhasko, Head of Sales and Marketing at C-Job Nikolaev


Results in 4 months:

marketing qualified leads
weeks - time till the first leads
times growth of Social Selling Index (from 26 to 57)
times growth of business network on LinkedIn (from 324 to 775 contacts)
conversion rate of invites acceptance (1300+ contacts invited of which 432 added)
content interactions


fully packed personal profile for the company’s Head of Sales and Marketing on LinkedIn

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