Social Selling on LinkedIn for the Ukrainian Furniture Manufacturer

AGT plus

About the company

Industry and products: Manufacturing – furniture fronts, doors, wall panels and other.

Location: Ukraine

Objectives: Find potential clients for bulk orders and increase brand awareness in the European market

Project status: Completed

What’s Done:

  • provide their marketing and PR team with professional advising on content management on LinkedIn
  • helped to clarify company’s ICP for B2B market
  • collect decision-makers’ contact details in target countries
  • helped to upgrade the CEO’s profile
  • expand business network of the company’s CEO
  • reach out target contacts with personalised scripts on the CEO’s behalf
  • deliver marketing qualified leads for further processing
Maksym Rogozhyn AGT Plus
“I honestly recommend Addlium to any Company that is looking for a contractor for personal branding and lead generation for entering the new markets through LinkedIn.”

Maksym Rogozhyn, CEO at AGT Plus

AGT Plus Reference

Results in 3 months:

marketing qualified leads
times growth of Social Selling Index (from 16 to 54)
times growth of business network on LinkedIn (from 218 to 553 contacts)
conversion rate of invites acceptance (1,2k+ contacts invited of which 365 added)
brand impressions
content interactions


fully packed personal page on LinkedIn for the company’s CEO

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