Assistance in International Partners Search for the Ukrainian NGO

Come Back Alive

About the company

Industry and services: Non-Profit Organisation, Help for Ukrainian Army Foundation

Location: Ukraine

Aims: Find foundations, private companies and individuals from abroad to establish partnerships for considerable and/or regular financial support, i.e. driving costs for foundation

Project status: Ongoing

What’s Done:

  • create and update target partners profiles
  • maintain a personal brand content strategy
  • create and post content on LinkedIn
  • collect contacts of potential partners
  • create personalised outreach messages
  • reach target contacts out on the foundation’s Head of Partnerships behalf
Oleg Karpenko Come Back Alive
“We are amazed by how the Addlium team managed to use their skills for an NGO.”

Oleg Karpenko, Head of Partnerships at Come Back Alive


Results in 4 months:

marketing qualified leads
times growth of Social Selling Index (from 30 to 60)
times growth of business network on LinkedIn (from 345 to 1252 contacts)
conversion rate of invites acceptance (3,7k+ contacts invited of which 753 added)
brand impressions

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