Lead Generation for the Corporate English Courses


About the company

Industry and services: Private school of English

Location: Ukraine

Objectives: Find corporate clients in IT and Manufacturing

Project status: Completed

What’s Done:

  • provided their marketing team with professional advising on content management on LinkedIn
  • helped to pack the CEO’s and corporate profiles
  • helped to clarify company’s ICP for B2B market
  • collected contact details of decision makers in target industries according to the ICP
  • reach out target contacts with personalised scripts on the CEO’s behalf
  • deliver marketing qualified leads for further processing
Natalia Tovbas Headway English
“The company offers high-quality services of lead generation for B2B businesses. We are very satisfied with their service and sales strategies, which help us to grow our business.”

Natalia Tovbas, CEO at Headway School of English

Headway Reference

Results in 4 months:

marketing qualified leads
times growth of Social Selling Index (from 31 to 59)
times growth of business network on LinkedIn (from 315 to 757 contacts)
conversion rate of invites acceptance (1k+ contacts invited of which 339 added)


fully packed personal account for the company’s Founder and corporate page on LinkedIn

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