Lead Generation for Corporate Insurance Broker

Malyovana Insurance

About the company

Industry and products: Corporate health insurance

Location: Ukraine

Objectives: Expand business network with potential clients and get qualified leads into client’s sales pipeline

What’s Done:

  • helped to clarify company’s Ideal Customer Profile
  • upgraded the LinkedIn profile of the company’s CEO & Founder
  • optimized the company’s LinkedIn profile
  • collected the database of potential clients according to the ICP
  • reached out to target contacts with personalised scripts on behalf of the client
  • delivered marketing qualified leads for further processing
Mariana Malyovana
“Addlium’s services have undeniably played a pivotal role in strengthening our online presence, expanding our network, and most importantly, in lead generation. Their commitment to understanding our industry and tailoring their strategies to our specific needs has been evident throughout our collaboration.”

Mariana Malyovana, CEO & Founder of Malyovana Insurance

Malyovana Reference EN

Results in 5 months:

conversion rate of invites acceptance (1455 contacts invited of which 530 added)
business network growth (from 4840 to 5386 connections)

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