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What’s included?

ICP development
Contact sourcing and validation
Personal profile optimisation
Personalised outreach
Content marketing support
Strategic support

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Our mission is to help you stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression on potential connections.

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Health Helper

Social Selling for the Medical Devices Producer

About company

Industry: Retail Health and Personal Care Products

Location: USA

“The social selling strategies implemented by Addlium led to remarkable results. We witnessed a significant expansion of our business network on LinkedIn, connecting with relevant industry professionals and potential partners.”
Health Helper CEO and Founder

Results in 1 month:




points growth of SSI (from 51 to 62)


conversion rate of invites acceptance (680 contacts invited of which 168 added)


LinkedIn Brand Packaging and Lead Generation for the Taxi Software Company

About company

Industry: Taxi Software App, Dispatch Software, Taxi System, Uber like app

Location: Ukraine

“Addlium employed effective strategies to identify and qualify leads, connecting us with relevant contacts in our target industries.”
CEO & Founder at TaxiAdmin

Results in 1 month:




SSI growth (from 9 to 24)


business network growth (from 24 to 123 target contacts)

What you get

Targeted lead generation

Through our advanced targeting methods, you can effortlessly pinpoint the ideal prospects tailored to your company’s needs. Customized search filters ensure your connection with relevant prospects who align with your ideal customer profile, maximizing conversion potential.

Tailored outreach communication

Experience personalized outreach messaging crafted to resonate with your prospects. Engaging messages will highlight your unique value proposition and demonstrate how your offerings can address their specific business needs. With our communication strategies you can initiate meaningful conversations, foster relationships and ultimately drive conversions from prospects to customers for your company.

Expanded business network

You gain a continuous inflow of verified contacts to enrich your business network, guaranteeing a pool of potential clients and partners for ongoing engagement. Employing a data-driven methodology, you receive real-time monitoring of our lead generation initiatives, enabling ongoing refinement of our strategies for optimal outcomes.

Multi-channel approach

Employing a dual-channel approach via LinkedIn and email, you can effectively generate leads for your business. Through our personalized outreach strategies across both platforms, you increase the chances of engaging with your target audience and generating a higher number of leads.

Measurable results

With our comprehensive reporting system you gain detailed insights into the outcomes of your lead generation campaigns. You access metrics including the number of contacts collected, leads generated, lead quality and the progress of other lead generation activities. Additionally, you get the insights on how you can improve your lead nurturing strategies for increased engagement with your brand.

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Focus on your core business activities while we generate a steady stream of high-quality leads for your business