LinkedIn – Social Selling Tool for B2B

Practical advice on optimizing your LinkedIn profile and employing a social selling approach that will help grow your business.

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Sep, 13 | 9:00 am PDT

LinkedIn як інструмент B2B продажів на зовнішніх ринках
One of the world's most powerful social networks

LinkedIn is one of the world’s most powerful social networks for businesses, facilitating thousands of deals every day.

During the meeting, we will explore ways to effectively engage potential clients and customers on external markets using LinkedIn.



LinkedIn Platform Overview

  • statistics, facts
  • features

Social Selling

  • what it’s and why social selling matters
  • building appropriate approaches

Personal Profile and Company Profile

  • how to fill them effectively
  • maintenance and keeping them up-to-date

Business Network

  • crafting the ideal ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)
  • expanding your network and converting connections into clients
  • best communication practices

Content marketing

  • why is content important?
  • what and how to write?
  • establishing a content generation process

Who will benefit:

CEO | Business Owners

CEO | Business Owners

CMO | Head of Marketing

CMO | Head of Marketing

CCO | Head of Sales

CCO | Head of Sales

About speakers

Dmytro Suslov

Dmytro Suslov

CEO and Founder at Addlium.

Key expertise – marketing and sales for B2B.

Assists companies in building and implementing effective marketing strategies and social selling approaches.


Anastasiia Bahrii

CDO at Addlium.

Responsible for delivery and implementing a social selling approach to client’s companies.

Involved in B2B Digital Marketing for 6+ years.

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